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Try DoubleList The Best Craigslist Personals Alternative

Posted on December 18, 2018 in Dating

Choosing to register on DoubleList the adult personals service, is a great way to ensure hookups in a short time. This adult personals dating site is indeed very effective and allowed our team to have fun faster than she imagined. We registered for one month with three different profiles and were able to meet very sexy women ready to live beautiful experiences with us. So here is our detailed account

Is DoubleList any good

The DoubleList adult personals dating site is one of the best that we had the opportunity to test during our one month study, covering 400 dating sites in France, Switzerland and Belgium. Our team of 3 guys looking for hookups has therefore embarked on this adventure with enthusiasm. We were almost certain to be able to find our happiness in no time, and it was indeed the case. First of all, we put our 3 profiles online, taking care to make them as attractive as possible. So we included a charming and original description for each ad, which presented us with a seductive angle to Br ad Pitt or Johnny Depp. We must not hesitate to take inspiration from masculine models like sex-symbols when creating your dating profile. This is the best way to design a successful ad. We then started looking for interesting women profiles.

Meeting Girls on DoubleList

We quickly found the 100 profiles we liked the most and were quick to get in touch with these very sexy and attractive women. Our messages wanted to be charming and were of course personalized, so that every woman contacted felt that we contacted her because we had really liked her profile. These little words seemed to make their effect since we got 43 answers and were able to exchange more amply with each one more adult personals ones than the others. Following these 43 received messages, we planned 29 meetings, of which 19 led to hookups. So it is a very satisfactory score for a registration of one month.

Our opinion on DoubleList

Our team is fully satisfied with their experience with DoubleList, which has proven to be one of the best dating sites tested in this study. Effective, it is also secure since we did not see any questionable profile and had no bad surprises during our adventure. Administrators and moderators therefore do a remarkable job of providing Internet users with a safe and convenient tool for use, which greatly facilitates the search for hookups.

95% of the sites tested during the study did not live up to our expectations, and the remaining 5% are the ones you can find in our table of the best dating sites of 2017. DoubleList does well obviously part, we were seduced by its particularly instinctive ergonomics and its extraordinary efficiency. We therefore recommend it without hesitation for your own adult personals search, which will take place without a hitch and you will enjoy an experience out of the ordinary.