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Top 5 Reasons to try Dating Apps

Posted on October 23, 2017 in Dating

Here's what to expect from dating apps

No matter how old they are, singles now have new tools at their fingertips to meet the soul mate: dating apps. If networks like this once had bad press, they now have millions of users around the world. Here are 5 reasons to try your luck on these apps.

1 – It’s free

Most dating apps, like Happn, Tinder and Bumble, cost nothing. Some, however, offer paid options. For a few dollars a month, for example, you can switch to a premium account, which eliminates advertising and gives you some benefits. But the base, ie seeing the profiles of other singles, remains free.

2 – You have no obligation

A registration on a dating application does not commit you to anything. It is also rather anonymous: it reveals only your name and your age. As for the photos and the description, you are master of your choices! And since you can only start the conversation if there was a match, it limits the unwanted messages. Remember that this is just a tool like so many others to find the rare pearl.

3 – It puts you in touch with a new pool of singles

As we get older, the pool of singles around us is becoming smaller and smaller. In addition, between family obligations and work, there is little room for new encounters on a daily basis. The applications put you in touch with many singles. The criteria even allow you to determine the search area, less than 20 km, for example. No need to go to Timbuktu to find love!

4 – It’s less embarrassing to take the first steps

The fear of rejection is human. Behind a screen, discomfort is less present. Besides, on most applications, you can only start the discussion if you like each other. It is already a sign that there is a certain attraction! You then only have to discuss to determine if your values ​​and interests are compatible.

5- You save time

Forget the blind dates with the cousin of your best friend, newly single. These encounters are often close to disaster! Apps let you quickly review singles on your screen, no matter when or where you are. The search filters (age, distance, sex, etc.) do the job first, limiting the pool of potential flames. Then you have to browse the options and select the profiles that interest you. The meeting will only take place if the conversation is conclusive for both.