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The most popular dating apps for 2018

Posted on January 21, 2018 in Dating

Little recap of all dating applications to connect or meet love in an original way.

If Tinder, the most popular dating app revolutionized the world of dating with more than 10 million registered users in 2014, it still has to worry.

Generation Y is always more demanding and fond of new things. We went to find new ways 6.0 to meet people, whether they are light or serious, there is something for everyone.

Tinder: The leader of the dating world

How it works: it can be downloaded for free and adapts to Android devices, an iPhone or Ipad, it is still impossible to have a version available for computer.

Once done, it allows to obtain a personalized profile according to simple and easy to follow instructions. The profile creates, two options are made available to the users: a profile which is free but which limits the number of profiles to a staff of 50 likes and a paying option. (Tinder Plus)

The latter offers the user the possibility to view profiles of members from other countries and also offers the choice to delete the last visited profile selected.

Side operation Tinder went to the simplest. With each new connection, the app offers you a series of profiles that can correspond to you (based on the centers of interest facebook), and to you to like or not.

You swipe left for a profile you do not like, and you swipe to the right to say you like the profile.

If the person in front, swippe your profile to the right (like), then it’s a match! After which you can start a conversation etc …

No need to specify I think everything is done and played on your profile picture! Suffice to say that when we are ugly it is better to choose a good photo to cheat a little bit ..!

Hater: the app to share your disagreements

Dating applications almost all work under the same principle: to please and have affinities about the same things. An ideology that often leads people to invent new interests to seduce their interlocutors.

The Hater app goes against the grain and brings its users together for their taste to hate the same things. Be careful, this does not affect the physical criteria or the origins of one or the other. People then bind themselves to a disinterest in guacamole, Nicki Minaj’s buttocks and other wacky subjects. Its creator Brendan Alper explained that “to confess to hate the same things immediately plunged into a relationship of trust and honesty” during Social Media Week.

It is already available on iPhone and very soon on Android because it is scheduled for spring.

Deserve Her: 3 rounds to win to deserve the girl

This app is perfect for those who love challenges. It would be too easy to open the platform, click on the photo and talk to the girl directly. Better to spice up the game a bit and show the competition who is the best. In the form of three rounds, the girl must choose between three boys who will be the lucky one.

The first challenge is photography: she has to choose between three men. The second is based on a voice message: the three boys have 15 seconds to send a catchphrase. Finally, once selected, the suitor has a chance to send his best message. If she answers, it’s won.

The two founders, Bryan Cantero and Pierre-Ambroise Bosse are both athletes of the French athletics team. It is from their job as a sportsman (and in their capacity as great seducers) that the idea was born.

Available since February 7 on iPhone and Android.

Bumble: women in power

This is Whitney Wolfe, the wife of Joel Simkhai, the founder of Tinder who created this application. She walks the same way, except that this time it’s only the girl power who leads the game.

On Bumble app Both members can have a match, as on Tinder, but if after 24 hours the woman has not sent a message, the match disappears. The goal is not to create a feminist application, but just to allow women to avoid somewhat dubious solicitations from men.
To move to the next stage more quickly and spawn the meeting, some women organized an event called Bumble Launch on June 22 in Paris. The goal: to meet someone, but be careful the rules do not change, it is the women who lead the game.

Available on iPhone and Android.

Pure: 1 hour to find a sexual partner

Pure, it’s a little Uber dating. We’ll take you to a destination immediately, without backtracking. The motivation is clear: find a shot of a night in the hour. Here, no need to quibble or leave long and beautiful speeches of love for sin. The app brings together two willing souls to have a good time under the comforter.

It is ultra secure, and no phone number or personal accounts are identifiable. A simple photo allows the meeting and the users do the rest. The founders wanted to create a simple meeting place, without necessary discussions, a “place to kiss”. After an hour, the conversations are erased from the server. The subscription is free for the first week of testing, then it can go from 11 euros 90 a week to 49 euros 90 the six months.

Available on iPhone and Android.


Tastebuds: the musical Dating App

They are both fans of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”, and that’s already a sign. Tastebuds brings music fans together, without the pressure to immediately give a first appointment. It allows users to share a sound they like, or to end up at a concert.

To start, just choose a question from a list that will be sent to 8 members, along with your photo. If the receptionist answers, the conversation may begin. To send a message to a particular person, however, you must buy a special pack, the “Backstage pass”.

Available on iPhone and Android

Wingman: let your friends choose your dating

How many of your friends have already played the cupids for you? Many people came up with the idea of ​​bringing together Bertrand and Géraldine, the savvy singles of the group of friends to organize a secret meeting.

If you’re used to having friends play matchmaker for you, Wingman will seduce you immediately. It is true that it is always difficult to describe oneself objectively, whereas friends do it without problem. On the same principle as Tinder, your profile is created from your Facebook account and then your buddies take care of your praise. You can see everything that is written on you and then enter the arena.

Available on iphone and Android.