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Ranking of the best adult dating sites for casual hookups

Posted on June 8, 2019 in Dating

Long reserved for initiates in private parties and libertine clubs, debauchery has become more popular in the last decade with the appearance of adult dating sites. With more than half of the libertines who use them, the sites have upset the libertine landscape and have given everyone the opportunity to practice libertinage. However, it is advisable to choose the best libertine site to make sure to find partners. We have selected for you the three best adult dating sites.


Lovoo is no longer to present the field of naughty and libertine dating on the internet. Counting millions of members, you will automatically find your shoe. Lovoodatingsite.com site puts you in contact with partners who match your search according to your sexual practices, your location or your physical preferences. Anonymity and confidentiality are on this site!


DoubleList is the most famous site among libertine enthusiasts. This dating site has the largest libertine community online and keeps breaking all records. DoublList.net site is the oldest site and one of the most effective. DoubleList adult personals site organizes many libertine events across France in partnership with hundreds of libertine clubs.

NRJ Chat

NRJ Chat (Chatcoco.org/chat-nrj/) is not strictly speaking a libertine dating site but a lot of libertines are registered. The strong point of this site lies in the almost equal proportion of men and women. All registered members seek to make new encounters naughty and libertines. The uninhibited side and without taboos of the users of this site allows him to climb on the podium of the best sites libertines.


What is a libertine encounter?

The libertine meetings can be defined as sexual encounters without any prohibition where the partners get rid of the morals especially on the sexual level. According to a study conducted by Ifop, the sexual practice that fantasizes the most libertines is the threesome (sex threesome), in front of swinging and orgy. Often characterized by “threesome”, the triolism is to have a sexual relationship with many, most often a couple with a partner. Swinging is a practice of sexually sharing one’s partner with another person while they are having sex. The orgy is in some way the grail of libertinage and has the nature of meeting in groups to indulge in all kinds of sexual practices between libertines and libertines.

Why practice libertinage?

In some way libertinism allows one to stir up the desire of the other again within a couple. Sexual routine tends to settle in a couple and some couples do not hesitate to try new practices such as debauchery or swinging. Libertinism has also a great success with couples who are in number that is in the libertine clubs that on the adult dating sites. Beyond the couples, the people registered on the sites specialized in libertinage wish to live new sexual experiences with partners who have a certain openness of spirit. The realization of certain fantasies is also often found among libertines to justify their practices.

What are the free adult dating sites?

In order not to change, you have the choice between the free libertines sites and those paying. The free adult dating sites are mostly flooded with men and a tiny part of women and couples. By their free, free libertine sites have a very low rate of women who tend to quickly leave this kind of sites where they are at the limit of harassment. You will have very little chance to make libertine encounters. The best libertine sites are all paying but their prices are justified by the quality of members present and service. To answer the question, the free adult dating sites are unfortunately not much and we advise you to invest a few euros per month to make real meetings libertines without wasting time unnecessarily.

Why use the best libertine site?

Much cheaper than libertine clubs and libertine parties, adult dating sites are the perfect way to find libertines in your area. With the internet, it is possible in a few clicks to meet people who share your opinion and your sexual practices (libertinage, swapping, fetishism …). The sites can actually search for specific profiles according to your wishes. You can use the different search criteria and for example find a couple in Rennes who is in his forties and who practices swinging. The libertine sites give the possibility to find compatible profiles unlike in libertine clubs where the choice is quite limited.

In addition, the best adult dating sites organize and regularly offer libertine parties for its members. You can also find an active libertine cat for each of the proposed sites. The possibility of making exchanges via webcams is an additional argument in favor of this new way of making libertine encounters. Many claim to be the best libertine site but are not honest. Our top 3 is based on an objective analysis of different sites libertines existing on the internet. By registering on one of them, you protect yourself from scams and sites that use fake profiles.