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Omegle: The Free Webcam Chat App

Posted on February 20, 2019 in Dating

Omegle is different from the usual dating sites because here all the meetings are done directly by cam, when it takes several days or even weeks to get to chat live on other sites. This transparency guarantees you quality meetings where you gentlemen, or you ladies you do not risk being disappointed (e) s since you have the opportunity to discover you by webcam before meeting you. The site is completely free of charge …

Omegle is an effective and serious dating site. The move to Omegle chat as we know it today was to give members the opportunity to see each other immediately by webcam chatting. People who need to see their interlocutor are filled by this site. Seeing yourself live is very important to instantly establish a real relationship.

This site has invested in a major media communication by becoming in particular during 3 seasons, partner of Secret Story, well-known reality TV show.

Registration and functionality

The registration process is simple, fast and free for women. The subscription is paying for men, but it has declined to be accessible to the greatest number.

Access to webcam conversations is very simple, however, it is possible to choose not to connect your webcam. This function is important for shy people who fear this ordeal. However, once they are confident, they will be able to choose to show themselves. It is possible to converse with four people at a time. This is an advantage when you are eager to meet more people in a short time to get a clear idea.

The members

The people registered on this site are looking more easily for a beautiful love story and a relationship of quality and sustainability. It is also possible to meet lighter for a night or a few days.

It is a generalist site with about 30,000 active members. Free admission for women explains the fact that they are more numerous than men.
In terms of age, the average age is between 30 and 45 years old. People who connect to this site sometimes want to find the woman or the man of their life, a sexual partner or simply a group of friends to share outings or entertainment.

Why register on Omegle?

This site is very simple and allows, once the general conditions accepted and the simple questionnaire filled, to make very quickly meetings.

The various options ranging from duet conversation, to shows that entitle you to 4 simultaneous calls and the ability to speak without showing your image are undeniable advantages. Indeed, meeting the person in real life after webcam conversations is more reassuring, because a bond of trust has had time to settle more easily.
Omegle on TV

Make naughty encounters with the Omegle platform! On the video chat menu, meetings, video lounge up to 4 people. Try !

Omegle in a few figures

  • + 30,000 currently active members
  • about 65% women and 45% men
  • 70,000 euros in advertising investments: up to monthly for three years until 2009
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Highlights of the site

  • The large number of registrants offering a large choice
  • The principle of visual encounter through the webcam up to 4 people
  • The registration facility
  • The speed of the relationship
  • The ability to report fraudulent members

Weak points

Connection problems that sometimes subsist
The fact that the use of the site is subject to subscription for men (the amount of it has dropped considerably)
The interface a little simplistic, but effective.

This site is intended for a wide audience, it concerns all types of relations including friendly. Very easy to use, it allows to get in touch with members very quickly, whatever its purpose.

The principle of conversation through the webcam is a big plus. Seeing yourself, it is harder to cheat and pretend to be someone else. Thanks to this process, no disappointment or bad surprise during the first appointment.

The different features that allow to discuss in groups (4 different contacts) or to talk to each other without the webcam. It thus facilitates the relationship at first for shy people in particular. It is also possible to meet by phone but we do not recommend this service.

Men and all members are asked to remain courteous and polite, unfortunately disappointments exist. It is indeed very difficult to qualify all contacts. As a general rule, registrants know exactly what type of relationship they are looking for and they try to be very clear on this point. The site is friendly and lively and the members are very welcoming.